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White colonies

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henry mujunga 
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Daniel Lima

ooh! hmm! Well even in africa we had settler colonies like the ones i mentioned!
anyhow, just look how rich australia, canada and new zealand are!
the british definitely felt confident enough to invest in these desolate areas! As to whether they did it for racial reasons, i beg to pass on the obvious!
These so called colonies were no victim to british colonial oppression . It was a  situation where a group of white guys founded new settlements for themselves but retained allegiance to their ruler (the Queen) in Europe!  This is very different from a situation where  communities in africa were bulldozed off itheir paths of social , economic and political progress !  funny enough the fate of the indeginous communities was always different from their white 'countrymates'!
look at the Native americans and the Aborigines! wow! what a piece of work trying to decimate these 'savages'! talk about genocide unavanged!

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From: Daniel Lima
Subject: Re: Questions
To: "henry mujunga"
Date: Thursday, October 29, 2009, 5:32 PM

Hi Henry,

About your anwsers and have just one doubt beyond the questions about "white colonies":

When we said "white colonies" we meant the ones which were populated by british people and had a special relationship with Britain, having advantages in the Commonwealth, like Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Some people call it "White Settler Colonialism". Do you think there was a difference between the domination of these colonies and the African ones? Would it be a racial issue?

all best

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