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Nigéria, Ilê Ifé e visto RECUSADO

From: Daniel Lima

Sent: 23 September 2009 12:53

To: Mahfuz, Roberta (Brazil)

Subject: RE: Nigeria - UK - Brazil

Olá Roberta,


Sobre o caminho, continua o mesmo na realidade. Apenas tem aprofundamentos específicos que surgiram aqui. A questão da migração em Londres está relacionada com a história da Longitude (Greenwich) e também com a Yorubaland. Na verdade é um bom desenho triangular entre as realidades do Brasil, UK e Nigeria. Os ingleses através da tecnologia da navegação conseguiram a supremacia no mar, e através disto tornaram-se os maiores mercadores de escravos que saiam em grande parte do porto de Lagos e que eram transportados para o Brasil. Então nossas histórias estão conectadas em um triângulo de mercado que afinal formou o que cada uma das três nações é hoje.




Hi Solagbade,

Thanks for your awnser.

Since 5 years the British Council in Brazil give a award to 10 artists that want to make a artist residence in UK. It’s a period for 2 or 3 months. This year I was selected and came to Britain this month.

The main issue of my project is migration. As a artist I’m looking to some places, objects and situations that can put some meaning of migration like a metaphor. In that case Here there is this place Greenwich that become a mark to the Britain and European way to think. This place was a important centre of developing instruments of navigation but also mark the zero longitude line that estabilish a kind of centre of the world.

In other way the Afro-Brazilian culture has a very important presence of the Yoruba culture. The Camdomble in all most part of Brazil is from the Yoruba nation. In some recent studies I found that in Yoruba mythology the city Ile Ife is know as a centre of the world, where Oduduwa put the land and the chickens and the man spread around the world.

So here I thought that it will be a interesting connection between Greenwich and Ife. The both places are consider in some way as centre of the world. But both reveals different world’s conception, different philosophy and some time opposites. This is my hypotheses.

My intention is take photos of this two places. Interview some persons that can go deep in this discussion in two perspectives. Feel those sites in a live experience not as a theory.

So I need help to understand how things work in Nigeria. There’s lot of fear here in London about travel to Nigeria. Also it will be important has someone to interview about this issue. And if possible someone to contact when I be there that can make a kind of consulting about how to travel and move in Nigeria.

In fact the British Council will not help in that trip because I suppost to be here in UK. But I want to do this also as a political statement.

There is a official website of the Bristish Council


Also a blog that I’m working on


All best,

Daniel Lima


From: oluwole oshota

To: danielcflima@yahoo.com

Sent: Sunday, September 20, 2009 2:22:53 AM

Subject: RE: Nigeria - UK - Brazil

Dear Daniel,

It was nice to hear from you about your research interest and intention to travel Ile-Ife. Concerning your your choice of Ile-Ife I am sure is a good decision as there are original stories, myths and legend about origin of life / man kind there. Although, I do not know how much preparation and the specific stuff you will really need me to comment on but I will be willing and try to provide information as you may want me to. You will need to talk to three distinct groups of peoples: the Ifa priest, the academics, and King,s palace. You will find questions and stories around the Oduduwa Atewonro; and also the journey of the gods very useful. Pls. let me know what other qustions you may have and provide me with your resume if possible.

Extend my kindest regards to Rita and other friends over there in Brazil.

Warm regards,

Oluwole Oshota


From: Daniel Lima


To: Mahfuz, Roberta (Brazil)

Subject: RE: Nigeria - UK - Brazil

Bem e sobre a viagem à Nigéria, está mais complicado do que imaginava. Hoje passei quatro horas na fila para o visto! E não consegui. Preciso de uma Invitation Letter. Eles alegam que eu tenho que tirar o visto no Brasil ou conseguir um "blue card" no Consulado do Brasil. Também pedem uma carta convite de alguma instituição ou alguém, junto com uma cópia do passaporte de um responsável.



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