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Re: Art from kampala

Re: Art from kampala
henry mujunga
To: Daniel Lima

hi daniel,
interesting observations. i note that you use the term mathematical when refering to GMT, and mythology when refering to Ile ife! this i assume means that the former is imperical and the latter just a figment of some mind!
there are some schools of thought that discard science as a form of fiction, one based on some popular opinions. just thinking!
interesting interrogation though! do you intend to use photography as the main medium?
i am thinking of creating a physical marker between the two places. the first thought is to create an imaginary line linking the two places in form of new maps???
or make some form of monument with one half in greenwich and the other in ille ife which can be joined / alligned 'mathematically' using satellite??? haaaa


--- On Fri, 9/11/09, Daniel Lima wrote:

From: Daniel Lima
Subject: Re: Art from kampala
To: "henry mujunga"
Date: Friday, September 11, 2009, 11:07 AM

Hi Henry,

Lets start our dialog?

I'm London. Cool city but I'm now planning to go to Nigeria.
My idea to my artistic work in that project is deal with two points that reveals about the way of thinking about civilization:
First Point: Greenwich Mean Time, UK.
The point that divides in mathematical way the world in two (east x west). The rational way of thinking in the European history and the idea to be the center of the world. In that point I will make a action. I don't know exactly what I gonna do.
Second Point: Ile Ife, Nigeria.
The point where the human race began in the Yoruba mythology. The spiritual center to a nation. This place has a very importance in the afro-Brazilian religion (Camdonblé). In that trip also make a photograph register and a action. Also I don't know what.

What do you think of the idea?

Sorry about my bad english and my quick email.


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